Virtual Office and Location Services

Lots of small businesses work from home but want to protect their private residence from their business profile. Perhaps you need a Landline Number for advertising your services, which auto-diverts to your mobile number because you’re on the road, but you don’t want to use your home phone in advertising.
Our Virtual Location services allow you to use the Foundational Business Centre’s address as your office location and a phone number we allocate to you.

Our Facilities

We have two different options available for your virtual office location service needs. Get in touch with Foundational Business Centre today to enquire.

Virtual Office Location Service (VOLS)

Price: $22+GST per month
The Virtual Office Location Service (VOLS) offered by FBC, allows you to make use of the Foundational Business Centre physical address on your Google business location profile, business cards, website, correspondence and marketing materials. Giving your business more credibility and visibility in the local marketplace. Please note – this service does not include a mail collection or redirection service. You would be required to arrange and manage your own post office box and mail delivery/collection, separate to VOLS. Our office manager is on site weekdays between 9.00am and 2.30pm and document delivery can be arranged between these times, for approved services.

Virtual Landline Redirection Service (VLRS)

Price: $30+GST per month
FBC offers a Virtual Landline Redirection Service (VLRS). This service includes a local number allocated to your business which redirects all incoming calls directly to your chosen mobile. There is no lock in contract, the service runs month to month.
What does it Cost?
$30/month + GST (payable to FBC) – this includes the virtual landline number and the facility of redirecting incoming calls to an allocated mobile number. This rate excludes call charges.
Call charges – All redirected calls from the virtual landline to your mobile will be charged at 30c per call (calls are charged separately by our service provider to you via direct debit).
If you have any questions or would like to arrange a Virtual Office Location Service (VOLS) and/or the Virtual Landline Redirection Service (VLRS), please contact us. If you need to cancel your service, you’ll need to give us 7 business days’ notice to allow us to process your cancellation with our service provider.

Foundational Business Centre Services

Meeting rooms and workspaces

Don’t want to be meeting prospects and clients in café’s, straining to listen and be heard over the din of the coffee machine? Find out more about our professional meeting rooms, office space and virtual location services.

Virtual office services

Lots of small businesses work from home, but want to protect their private residence from their business profile. We offer Virtual Location services that allow you to use the FBC address as your office location.

Affiliated Business Services

Hate spending money on the wrong solution and don’t have an hour to try and piece together the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ from different financial, operations, sales and marketing and human resources providers who aren’t the right fit? You can access relevant expertise to support your small business through the FBC.

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