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The Foundational Business Centre serves as a Micro & Small Business Innovation Incubator and Resource Centre for businesses in and around Sydney’s Hills area. We help businesses find the right tools, for the right tasks, at the right time…saving time and money, ensuring quality and reducing frustration.

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Profit vs. Sales…. Let’s go Old School!

Too often we see the relationship between profit and price without also understanding their relationship with sales, and more importantly The Customer. Ultimately your customer...

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How to Burn Your Bridges in Business

I’m talking about the business owners who go AWOL, are deathly silent and ignore multiple emails and reminders and phone calls. They never raise a...

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The 9 Reasons Customers Buy

There are 9 key decision drivers that your marketing messages need to incorporate, to ensure you hit the mark when approaching your market. People buy...

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Small Business Growth Stages and Maturity Milestones

What is a ‘Small Business’? Small business, as defined by government, is traditionally less than $30 million/p.a. turnover and less than 25 staff. That’s a...

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When should I ask for a Review or Referral?

What’s the Highest Point of Perceived Value? It’s the moment that your customer says “WOW”. It’s not after you bill them. That’s too late, they’re...

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What am I? Contractor, Consultant or Business Owner

What am I? Contractor, Consultant or Business Owner When a new business consulting service starts out, the first few years are always a scramble to...

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Customer Service Secrets To Success

“A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy” – Michael LeBoeuf  People run businesses, and people do business with people they know, like and trust....

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Getting Personal – Balancing your Personal Brand vs Professional Brand

Let’s get personal about Personal Branding Something you don’t know about me is that I’m really very anti social. That might seem a contradiction between...

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What is Machine Learning? What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Machine Learning? What is Artificial Intelligence? Why does it matter to small business? Machine Learning (ML) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which...

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Systemizing vs Standardizing Your Business Model

How do you decide whether or not to systemize or standardize your business? There are two ways to organize your business: systemizing and standardizing. To...

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Grants for Small Groups and Businesses

Grants For Small Groups & Businesses About Grants for Non-Profit groups Using Grants as a funding strategy can help your business or organisation grow. Most...

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Buy Local and Build Your Community

Buy Local and build your community Often in the media and social media stratosphere we hear the words – “buy local, buy Australian”. And most...

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Leading Millennials, what you need to know.

Leading Millennials, What you need to know. As part of our Managing Millennials series David Leahy (Great People Inside) spoke about what you need to...

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Managing Millennials – Attracting, Leading and Managing Younger generations in your business

Managing Millennials Attracting, Leading and Managing Younger generations in your business In late 2020 the team at Foundational Business ran our Managing Millennials and GenZ...

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Merry Christmas from the Team at Foundational Business

Merry Christmas from the Team at Foundational Business Well that didn’t go as planned! Who could have predicted having the entire business world shutdown globally?...

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Why doesn't my family understand what it means to be a business owner?

Why doesn’t my family understand what it means to be a business owner? One of the most common things I hear from our clients is...

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To delegate or Not to delegate

Getting overwhelmed in business is common for most business owners. How much do I need to know about everything before I can delegate? As a...

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Business Networks: Connecting Our Business Community

Foundational Business connects with Harvey Pence to bring more value to our business community #NEWSFLASH# We hope that you, your business and your loved ones...

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Understanding How Small Businesses Behave in a Crisis

How small businesses behave in a crisis has a pattern – Understanding that pattern can help your business to make good decisions. Whats going on?...

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Learning to walk before you run

These mistakes are only fatal if you refuse to make tough choices, swallow your pride and fix the errors before they get too out of...

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Using Your Home Address For Business

Why is that a problem? There are some downsides and legal issues when business owners use their home address as their business address. Some of...

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Setting Your Price – Five Factors to include to ensure you make a profit

Knowing if your new idea or enterprise has commercial value and will make you any money, and when you’ll start to see a profit, are...

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